Hi, I’m Jarvis

Welcome to Jarvis Factor Graphics Co. The Jarvis Factor is a graphic design company that specializes in unique logo and graphic

design while building a close working relationship with clients. We communicate with our clients listening to their business needs, goals and expectations.

Early on

I am so fascinated with commercial graphics and it’s capability to bring our imagination to amazing places. Early on, I fell in love with the idea of designing logos and brand materials on my own terms as an independent creative, so I set out to learn everything I could about graphic design and visual marketing. After moving to Atlanta Georgia I earned a Bachelors degree in Graphic design and visual communication in 2008. Later That same year I started The Jarvis Factor Graphics Co.


I have been designing for the past 15 years now and I’m still learning every day. Its been quite an experience. I am very grateful for the lessonsI have learned through out the process of becoming an artist and business man. I am building The Jarvis Factor as a personal experience for my clients, as well as working on ways for them to gain expansion and increase within their businesses. Most importantly never give up.